A respected youth worker in the Malvern area of Scarborough who was charged with possession of marijuana following a police raid of his home two weeks ago says he has been suspended from his job, although he has never seen a search warrant.

Brian Henry says he still doesn’t know what prompted the raid, although he was told Toronto police – some in protective gear and accompanied by a canine unit – were looking for guns and drugs during the raid May 17.

“It’s torn my heart out and I’ve given for the last six years, day in day out, given my life to seeing kids staying in school and working towards their diploma while they’re in school,” he says.

Henry’s lawyer, Aswani Datt, described the police action as “outrageous behaviour.

“At this point, all we want is answers. Why was Mr Henry subject to a search? Who and what evidence was the basis of the search warrant in which no guns were found? Mr. Henry is a well-known figure in the community helping at-risk youth, why was he targeted?”

Henry counted 15 police officers during the raid. Some wore protective gear and police dogs were there. He said doors and walls were damaged and from an odour, he suspects, a police dog urinated inside his house.

Police did not find guns or major drugs. They did charge Henry with possessing a small amount of marijuana.