Crown prosecutors began presenting evidence Friday in the trial of one of 11 suspects charged in the alleged Toronto bomb plot.

While the trial opened in Brampton, Ont., in March, Friday was the first day the Crown presented evidence in the case.

The 20-year-old on trial is accused of being part of a homegrown terror cell – one of 18 men and teenagers arrested two years ago during dramatic raids around Toronto. He was charged as a youth and cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Since the initial arrests, the Crown has dropped or stayed charges against seven of them.

The first witness called by the Crown was a member of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team. RCMP Cpl. John Mecher testified about evidence police seized during the investigation, dubbed “Project Osage,” that led to the massive sweep.

Mecher, who is in charge of securing and tracking evidence in the case, told Ontario Superior Court that investigators recovered spent shell casings and a bullet-riddled tree trunk at or near an alleged extremist training camp north of Toronto.

Police seized other items from the home of one of the adult suspects, included a bomb-making manual, a video showing a small explosive being detonated by cellphone and a collection of cellphones and circuit boards, the court heard.