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Autistic Boy Charged With Making Terrorist Threats Over Stick-Figure Sketch

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Oh, it’s a sad state of affairs when the wee lads can’t even draw guns and swords in their school books anymore. One might hope this was some social engineer’s idea of a practical joke. But no. It’s a terror charge levied against some little autistic kid for a sketch. (Meanwhile, they appear to be studying ‘The Outsiders’.) Terror – it’s everywhere, man. Well, we’ve known all along that the Patriot Act and its various analogues throughout the West are really for use in controlling domestic populations – not people from the Middle East, that was just the first phase of your conditioning. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – A fourteen-year-old autistic boy is facing terrorist charges after a sketch he made in school.

The sketch shows two stick-figures. One of them is labeled ‘Me’ and is shown shooting a gun at another with a teacher’s name above it.

Karen Finn says that her son, 8th grader Shane Finn, doesn’t understand why he is in trouble. She says the boy is autistic and has the mental capacity of a 3rd grader.

Officials at Ridgeview Charter School say the student will face a tribunal and is being charged with making terrorist threats.

Finn says she plans to fight the charges.


Power Corp. open to charging for online content

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Well, Power Corporation has certainly become more vocal this week. Let’s go for a little recap of Power Corp in the news as well as a separate recap of the open information issue.

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Rose Marowitz, The Canadian Press
May 13, 2010

Owner of La Presse says there may have to be changes in how information is distributed

The owners of Canada’s largest French-language broadsheet newspaper won’t rule out eventually charging readers to access its online publications as consumer preferences increasingly shift.

“We’re obviously monitoring everything and our people, I think, owe it to our employees to try and find ways to ensure La Presse survives and continues to be the important media that it has been for this province and indeed for the country,” André Desmarais, president and co-chief executive officer of Power Corp. of Canada (POW-T27.240.040.15%) told reporters Thursday.

Power Corp. subsidiary Gesca owns Montreal La Presse and several other French-language newspapers in Quebec and Ontario. While La Presse is the largest full-size French-language paper, its circulation is surpassed by the Quebecor Inc. (QBR.B-T34.29-1.89-5.22%)-owned tabloid Le Journal de Montreal.

Several newspaper publishers have mused about charging for access to their digital websites but few have successfully found ways to make money.

The parent company last year gave Gesca about $100-million to pay off its bank debt. The move was part of a broader restructuring that also involved employees making concessions.


European Powerbrokers Present Proposal For New Economic And Political Order

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

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Steve Watson,
May 13, 2010

Federalized union touted by Bilderberg’s finest

The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, has revealed a set of proposals to fully integrate the economies of the EU member states and centralize power under a federalized union.

Following monday’s announcement of a €750bn EU bailout fund, the EC head and Bilderberg darling José Manuel Barroso announced details of the plan for further European integration.

“Europe has dealt with the immediate emergency but we must also show we are serious about the more fundamental reforms needed. We must now get to the root of the problem.” Barroso stated at a press conference in Brussels.

Currently, the European Central Bank sets interest rates for the euro zone, while national governments set their own fiscal and economic policies. It is this imbalance, which was enforced upon member states with the creation of the EU and a single European currency, that Barroso and his ilk say has led to the escalation of the financial crisis in Europe.

The new proposals centre on three main initiatives.

Firstly the national budgets of member states would be opened up to supervision, scrutiny and pressure from all other EU nations operating under the central body.

Secondly, there would be increased monitoring of macroeconomic imbalances and “competitiveness” between countries.

Thirdly, the proposals call for the creation of a European Monetary Fund or EMF — a permanent bailout mechanism described by the EU’s monetary affairs commissioner Olli Rehn as “a last-resort mechanism of financial assistance in the form of loans, with interest rates that would be so unattractive that no one would want to use it voluntarily.”


Multiple Wall Street banks investigated over links to ratings agencies

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Great – and a good outcome from this investigation would be the banning of CDS, CDO, derivatives, and the rest of the casino securities as inherently fraudulent and an expansion of the investigation to bring the political and economic power compact known as the Bilderberg group to account for their hand in this. What are the chances?

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Andrew Clark, Julia Kollewe, The Guardian
May 13, 2010

Inquiry into bid to find whether banks cheated in hunt for high credit ratings includes Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley

An allegedly “cosy” relationship between top Wall Street banks and credit rating agencies is under investigation by New York’s attorney general, who has issued a flurry of subpoenas to examine whether leading financial institutions cheated in the hunt for valuable triple-A grades.

New York’s prosecution chief, Andrew Cuomo, is scrutinising the behaviour of eight leading banks, adding to a rapidly spreading web of criminal investigations into Wall Street’s questionable ethics in the run-up to the global financial crisis. Many financial experts believe that overly optimistic assessments by ratings firms were a key factor in creating an overblown market for derivatives and mortgage-backed securities.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the banks targeted by the inquiry are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole and Merrill Lynch, which is owned by Bank of America. Subpoenas have also gone to the three major ratings agencies — Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

Cuomo wants to see whether banks provided misleading, or incomplete, data to the agencies to get lucrative high ratings for packages of sub-prime mortgages, allowing them to sell them as safe investments to clients. Many such securities became virtually worthless when the US housing market collapsed in 2007 and 2008, as it suddenly became clear that underlying home loans had been written on an irresponsible basis to homeowners without the wherewithal to repay them.

Critics of rating agencies say they were had a conflict of interest because their revenue came from the banks whose securities they were supposed to be rating objectively. The agencies have come under attack for revealing too much of the methodology used in their judgments, which could have allowed banks to “game” the system by providing selective information tailor-made to tick the right boxes.


Toronto G20 should address climate issues: Nicholas Stern, UN

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Tireless advocate Nicholas Stern continues the push for multiple global taxes continues in the hope that at least one or more of these revenue streams opens up – which, as the Copenhagen document revealed, would necessitate the construction of additional international financial architecture to administer it. As is usually the case, this is the real point of the urgent, tearful appeals, the demonization of climate skeptics as ‘deniers’, the wholesale falsification of climate data – to loot, to funnel money into the coffers of emerging international institutions, to centralize economic power. Let’s recap some information about ‘Lord’ Nicholas Stern, shall we?

Nicholas Stern sits on the board of an intergovernmental panel on carbon capture and storage technology alongside James Wolfensohn and major international corporate interests (Chevron? Exxon? Shell? Halliburton??), and helped found the Carbon Ratings Agency. A former World Bank chief economist — that’s the World Bank, people, which has called for a world government, and which is no friend of the third world — you might say that Stern is somewhat invested in the idea of global warming. He’s Vice Chairman of the IDEAGlobal group, which is described as “… an independent, global, research organization, with its headquarters in Singapore, and subsidiaries in New York and London. IDEAGlobal Group is a leading supplier of independent and impartial advice to 50 central banks in the formation of policy and is read by financial professionals in over 1,000 dealing rooms worldwide. Of the 50 largest financial institutions as ranked by Euromoney, all but four are clients of IDEAglobal. Group companies include IDEAglobal and IDEAcarbon.” Nice Rolodex, Mr. Stern. More about his connections to the UNFCCC, GEF, IPCC and other globalist institutions invested in carbon monetization may be found here.

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Kevin Carmichael, Globe and Mail
May 13, 2010

Add another big voice to those calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to talk about climate change at the Group of 20 summit in Toronto next month.

Nicholas Stern, the British economist who authored a seminal 700-page study on the economics of global warming in 2006, says the G20 has a role in achieving the “political agreement” that he believes is necessary to advance on the commitments made at the United Nations’ climate change conference in Copenhagen in December.

Among those commitments is a pledge to raise $30-billion (U.S.) over three years to help developing countries adapt “low-carbon” economic policies. Leaders promised to increase that sum to $100-billion a year by 2020, but without working out how the money will be raised or where it might come from.

The G20, which includes the world’s major economies, should play a role in answering those questions, Lord Stern said after a speech at the International Monetary Fund in Washington Wednesday evening.

“You can’t really discuss the finance on the scale that we are talking about unless the G20 is involved and involved this year,” Lord Stern, a professor at the London School of Economics and a former advisory to the British government, said in response to my question. “It is very important that [the G20] looks at it and looks at it in a welcoming way.”


Bulk water exports prohibited under new U.S.-Canada border regulations

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

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Juliet O’Neill, Canwest News
May 13, 2010

OTTAWA – Stronger protection against bulk water exports from rivers and streams that cross the U.S.-Canada border was announced Thursday by the federal government.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon cited the depletion of water in the once mighty Rio Grande River that crosses the U.S.-Mexico border at a news conference announcing the bill he tabled in the House of Commons.

“That water basin is on the point of being completely dried up and that is what we want to be able to avoid here,” he said at a news conference.

The bill would “plug the last remaining gap” in a ban against bulk water removal that is in place for the Great Lakes and other water that straddles the Canada-U.S. border and is covered by provincial law. The bill provides new powers of inspection and enforcement and fines of up to $6 million for corporate violations. The exception is to help forest fire fighting or other disasters in the United States.

“This important legislation makes it clear that we are not in the business of exporting our water,” Cannon said. “Canadian water is not a commodity. It is not for sale.”

The proposed new amendments to the Boundary and Transboundary Waters Protection Act “closes any gap that might be there by completing what provinces already do.”


Canada’s navy cuts coast patrol fleet in half

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Ironically, this is what the military is supposed to be spending money on – national defence, coastal integrity – rather than militaristic adventures in regime change and resource acquisition in the Middle East.

Update (2010/05/14): It appears no-one thought to tell Peter Mackay about this. The order to mothball these ships was rescinded within 24 hours of it being announced. See here and here.

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CBC News
May 13, 2010

A shortage of money and sailors is forcing Canada’s navy to mothball half of its fleet of coastal patrol vessels.

Canada’s 12 Kingston-class ships, based in Halifax and Esquimalt, B.C., are operated by the navy reserve. The 55-metre vessels are used to patrol the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific ocean coasts.

In a statement to CBC News, the navy says it made the tough choice to leave several ships at dock and strip them of their crews because it doesn’t have the resources to operate all 12.

The navy says the move is necessary to continue the primary mission of defending Canada.

“Upon close examination of resources and priorities, this was deemed necessary to safeguard and optimize our operational capability, both now and in the future,” wrote Denise LaViolette, a navy spokeswoman.

Three ships will remain on each coast. The others won’t be scrapped, but they will be put in long-term storage.