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CIA Tells Congress al-Qaeda to Attack in Three to Six Months


He would know, wouldn’t he.

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Kurt Nimmo,
February 3, 2010

CIA boss Leon Panetta told Congress today that “homegrown extremists” working for al-Qaeda will strike America in three to six months. The recruits will be “clean” and have no traces to the phantom terrorist organization, according to Panetta and other intelligence officials.

“The biggest threat is not so much that we face an attack like 9/11. It is that al-Qaeda is adapting its methods in ways that oftentimes make it difficult to detect,” Panetta told the Senate Intelligence Committee. “It’s the lone-wolf strategy that I think we have to pay attention to as the main threat to this country,” he said.

National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair said changes made since the ludicrous Christmas non-bombing over Detroit “would he able to identify and stop someone like the Detroit bomber before he got on the plane. But he warned a more careful and skilled would-be terrorist might not be detected,” reports the Associated Press.

Within hours of the hyped non-bombing evidence emerged revealing the incident was a false flag attack. “Eyewitness testimony pointing to a man helping the accused terrorist board without a passport, along with an unusual cameraman documenting the attempted attack on board the plane raise more than red flags— they point towards an intelligence operation, run as a drill, meant to conjure up public support for a number of fronts in the continuing ‘War on Terror,’” Aaron Dykes wrote for on December 29, 2009.

Over the weekend British “spies” (as described by the New York Post) reportedly found evidence al-Qaeda is planning to insert “surgical bombs” inside suicide bombers. “Male bombers would have the explosive implanted near their appendix or in their buttocks; women would have them inside their breasts, Britain’s Daily Mail reported over the weekend.”

MI5 said the development was triggered by the introduction of body scanners at airports

Hundreds of terror suspects (read: patsies and mental deficients) have been convicted in civilian federal courts, including convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid who attended the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. The Finsbury imam at the time was Abu Hamza al-Masri who began working with British Security Services in 1997. A large number of the supposed terrorists convicted in American courts were entrapped by the FBI in classic COINTELPRO fashion and did not have links to the CIA-created al-Qaeda. The entrapped were often fuzzy on al-Qaeda or what it represents.

In 2009, supposed terrorists in New York were so reluctant to participate in an FBI arranged undercover operation they had to be enticed with piles of cash, gifts, and bags of marijuana.

In the media lauded Miami terror case in 2007, the supposed ringleader Narseal “Prince Marina” Batiste “had heard of al-Qaida, but wasn’t sure what it stood for. The FBI instigators made Batiste swear loyalty to al-Qaida; then had him call on his local buddies to form an ‘Islamic army’ in Miami. None had military training. Some could barely read. But Batiste assured the group in the midst of its collective marijuana buzz of greatness ahead,” writes Saul Landau.

During the Senate “terror assessment hearing,” Blair also warned of the growing cyberthreat, saying computer-related attacks have become “dynamic and malicious.”

Blair warned the United States faces a “cyber Pearl Harbor” that will have devastating consequences for America’s technological infrastructure. Blair said an increasingly sophisticated group of enemies has “severely threatened” the country’s information systems and he said the recent cyber attacks against Google should be treated as a “wake up call,” reports Channel 4 News.

The Google attacks, according to an American internet security firm, came from China or its proxies, not al-Qaeda.

The government also expects us to believe the sophisticated and coordinated attack occurring on September 11, 2001, was also the work of medieval terrorists located in remote caves. It was never explained how Osama bin Laden made NORAD stand down.

Likewise, Blair does not tell us how al-Qaeda will take down the most advanced and complex computer networks in the world, presumably from the backwaters of Pakistan’s tribal region.

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finally apologizes | Harper hints at appeal of Khadr ruling | ‘Global War on Terror’ rebranded as call to address extremism, social change | Canada should stay in Afghanistan: NATO head | ‘Imminent’ terror strike foiled in Australia | A Sibel Edmonds Bombshell — Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Until 9/11 | US Homeland Security: Terror fight needs public’s vigilance | UK: Secrets of CIA ‘ghost flights’ to be revealed | Mumbai attack suspect shocks court and own defence lawyer by pleading guilty | Pentagon-handpicked 9/11 families want Gitmo kept open | Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation | Dick Cheney ‘hid plans to kill al-Qaida operatives abroad’ | RCMP pipeline bomber hunt draws harassment compliants, comparisons to secret police | Professor fingers Thermite charges as responsible for 9/11 demolition | Pakistani president Asif Zardari admits creating terrorist groups | Revealed — the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress | RCMP now refer to pipeline sabotage as ‘domestic terrorism’ | UK: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims’ relatives call for a proper inquiry | Guantanamo’s closure window dressing — overseas CIA ‘black sites’ to stay | Western Governments Funding Taliban & Al-Qaeda To Kill U.S. Troops, Destabilize Countries | Latest EnCana pipeline explosion was deliberate: RCMP | Taliban flee new U.S. drive in Afghanistan | CSIS bungled second terror case | Obama Administration Shuts Down 9/11 Families Lawsuit | Selective enforcement: Charkaoui barred from US airspace on flight from Fredericton to Montreal | Pakistan remains silent as U.S. air attack kills 80 | ‘If I didn’t confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,’ claims torture victim | UN rushes Abdelrazik terror allegations onto website in wake of exoneration | Leaked documents in 9/11 suit show House of Saud links to ‘Al-Qaeda’, extremism | Harkat raid ruled illegal | Ottawa appeals court order to repatriate Omar Khadr | Whistleblower Who Linked “Taliban” Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated | Toronto 18 ‘terror’ accused signs confession, media retreads tales of planned chaos | Ottawa will allow Abdelrazik to return to Canada | DoD Training Manual Describes Protest As “Low-Level Terrorism” | CIA: Bin Laden still in Pakistan | Man with Toronto 18 ties convicted in the U.S. | Pakistan army backs citizens fighting Taliban | CSIS reviews security certificate cases in wake of criticism | UK schoolkids trained to inform on ‘extremist’ classmates by police DVD | Gitmo protest captured on film | Would-be U.S. jihadist met with ‘Toronto 18′ members: prosecutors | The Main Result of the “War on Terror”: The Destabilization of Pakistan | CSIS forced to ‘reveal’ info on secret source in Harkat case | Homing chips are CIA’s latest weapon against ‘al-Qaida’ targets hiding in Pakistan’s tribal belt | Blast at Iranian mosque raises tensions in run-up to presidential election | Abu Ghraib abuse photos ’show rape’ | Homegrown terror threat still real, Public Safety Minister warns alongside Homeland Security counterpart | Judge orders recall of CSIS witnesses in Harkat case for potential perjury, obstruction | Oppressive anti-terror laws stay despite end of Sri Lankan civil war, Canadian embassy defaced by govt supporters | Public may not hear fate of Greyhound bus killer | Pentagon: One in seven released from Guantanamo involved in terrorism | Skepticism greets launch of Afghan detainee inquiry | Pakistani troops battle Taliban in key Swat Valley city | Man sentenced, then freed, after involvement in Toronto ‘bomb plot’ | How MI5 blackmails British Muslims | Supreme Court of Canada won’t hear Afghan detainee torture case | New York “Terror Plot” Another Government Provocateured Set-Up | US arms sent to Afghan forces ‘in Taliban hands’ | UK Police, MI-5 stretched too thin to stop London bombings: report | Abuse ‘endemic’ in Irish Roman Catholic schools: Report | Quarter of a million Sri Lankans face two years in camps | Tamil Tiger leader killed, insurgency crushed: officials | MacKay to discuss security concerns with Pakistan | Caught in the crossfire — the Swat valley’s fleeing families | Medics helpless, ’safe zone’ hospital shelled 2nd time in Sri Lanka | Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More | Reversing himself, Obama seeks to block abuse photos | CIA: Our Drones are Killing Terrorists. Promise. | ‘More than 1,000 civilians killed’ in attacks on Sri Lanka safe zone | 500,000 fleeing Pakistani airstrikes, fighting, UN reports | US air strikes kill dozens of Afghan civilians | Toronto 18 member pleads in bomb plot | Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Now Captured Again | PM must press U.S. for Khadr’s return from Guantanamo, court rules | Pakistan’s army: as inept as it is corrupt | UN satellite imagery attests to shelling of Tamil ’safe zone’ | Memo: 9/11 Commission Witnesses Were Intimidated By Government “Minders” | Trio not guilty of helping 7/7 London bombers | rom Guantanamo, court rules | British soldiers ‘tortured and murdered 20 Iraqis, then covered it up with firefight claim’ | Pakistan is ‘abdicating to the Taliban,’ says Clinton | All 11 men arrested during anti-terror raids released without charge | CIA waterboarded 2 al-Qaida suspects 266 times | Tamil civilians slaughtered as army shells ‘no-fire zone’ | UK: Government makes ‘unprecedented’ apology for covering up Binyam torture | Psychologists Helped Guide CIA Interrogations | ‘Toronto 18′ teen to be sentenced as adult | Mumbai attacks suspect alleges torture, retracts confession | 9/11 Commission Counsel: Government Agreed to Lie About 9/11 | NATO denies air strike killed Afghan civilians | Secret Homeland Security Threat Assessment Labels Gun Owners Potential Terrorists | UK: Terror bomb plot ‘intelligence’ came from MI6’s Pakistan operation | Khawaja appeals terrorism conviction | China executes two men, ‘guilty’ of killing 17 police before Olympics | Police feared ‘Al-Qaida terror attack’ on UK was planned for Easter | Police arrest 12 in anti-terror raids in Britain | Document lays bare CIA torture techniques | Khadr’s military lawyer reinstated | Study claims ‘highly engineered explosive’ found in WTC rubble | Netanyahu: We may be forced to attack Iran | NYPD seeks to expand anti-terror program to midtown | Watchdog rejects government bid to delay Afghan detainee inquiry | London Police Encourage Citizens To Inform on Neighbour’s Garbage | Judge finds no entrapment of suspects in Toronto ‘terror’ case | UK Home Secretary unveils civilian anti-terrorism security force | Intelligence made it clear Saddam was not a threat, diplomat tells MPs | Israeli military whistleblowers: troops fired on children | US military may escalate ‘war on terror’ by striking deeper into Pakistan | Security certificate detainee requests prison over intrusions on family | Obama administration: Guantanamo detainees have ‘no constitutional rights’ | Supporters defy law, buy plane ticket for Montrealer stuck in Sudan | Khawaja sentenced to 10½ years in prison | Tories aim to bring back anti-terrorism provisions | Security guards stood by as gunmen killed Northern Ireland soldiers | Not very cricket: Witnesses report Pakistani security abandoned convoy prior to attack | ‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible | Military readies reservists for threats to ‘domestic front’ | Against protocol, bus decapitation accused released from Ontario institution in 2005 | CIA destroyed 92 interview tapes | New book details Mossad false flag assassination attempt on Canadian passports | Obama tries to kill lawsuit challenging wiretapping program, fails | Pakistani officers helped plan Mumbai attacks, says India | Tortured Guantanamo detainee set free | Obama backs Bush: No rights for Bagram prisoners | Canadians tortured overseas sue government | ‘Bomb plot’ case jury dismissed | Report: CIA runs secret bases in Pakistan | Terrorist plot was to blow up seven airliners, prosecutor tells court | Former MI5 chief: UK Ministers ‘using fear of terror’ to restrict civil rights | UK: Calling the police to account for anti-photography law | Crown seeks lengthy sentence for Khawaja | RCMP mole in Toronto 18 case says he felt ‘bad’ in terror sting | Australian ‘terrorist leader’ sentenced to 12 years | Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation | Toronto 18 Terror case: RCMP agent Shaikh was instigator who broke law: defence | Publication ban law too broad, top Ontario court rules | Pentagon’s terror ‘recidivism’ claims blasted as ‘propaganda’ | Ex-Guantanamo detainee becomes No. 2 for al-Qaeda in Yemen | Obama shuts network of CIA ‘ghost prisons’ | Swiss nuclear-smuggling suspect says CIA made him do it | Pakistan lauds arrest of 7/7 militants on US tip, Britain denies suspect’s involvement | Israel admits troops used phosphorus shells in Gaza | Woman swats children on plane, charged with Terrorism | Newly Uncovered WTC 7 Video Betrays More Foreknowledge Of Collapse | Khadr trial date up in air after ’secret’ refiling of charges: defence lawyer | Indian Mumbai dossier details gunmen’s calls with handlers | India signs new anti-terror laws in wake of Mumbai attack | Five muslims face life for Fort Dix ‘terror plot’ orchestrated by FBI | FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7 | Australian Citizen Journalist Charged for Filming Police under Anti-Terror Law | India to create national spy agency in wake of Mumbai attacks | Conspiracy against Arar reached to highest levels, U.S. court told | Sept. 11 suspects want to “confess” | Former ISI Chief: Mumbai And 9/11 Both “Inside Jobs” | Blackwater Guards facing Charges in Case of 17 Dead Iraqi Citizens | Indian Intelligence Provided SIM Cards to Mumbai Gunmen | CIA Foreknowledge of the Mumbai Attacks | Counterterrorism squad rounds up UK opposition member over whistleblower incident | “Fair-skinned, blonde” assailants began attack in Mumbai | Experts doubt Al Qaeda link in Mumbai attacks | Mumbai Attacks Blamed On Al-Qaeda As Pretext For U.S. Military Response | Terror strikes Mumbai | Former US congresswoman, presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney barred from boarding plane to human rights conference | German Intelligence Agents Caught Staging False Flag Terror in Kosovo | IntelCenter Releases Video of Former CIA Employee Zawahiri Threatening America | Don’t-ask-don’t-tell Policy: Pakistan and U.S. Have Tacit Deal On Airstrikes | Ottawa moves to block Afghanistan detainee torture hearings again | Ex-Italian President: Provocateur Riots Then “Beat The Shit Out Of Protesters” | Khawaja radicalized by insurgent dreams, convicted on terror connections but not intent | Tortured trio say report ‘vindicates us’ | China names 8 alleged Olympic terrorists | Ex-CSIS Agent, ‘Security Expert’, Paints Pipeline Explosion as “Terror” | If released, security detainee Almrei to be surveilled, wiretapped, and GPS-tracked | Security expert: Weak accusations against Almrei, held 7 years on security certificate | Activists seen as potential threat to Vancouver Games | Lawyers say UK Guantánamo suspect has no hope of fair trial | Doubt Arises in Account of pre-Olympic ‘Uighur’ Attack in China | Globe: “No evidence” of plot in terror conviction, “wide net” cast by strong new laws | ‘Mens rea’ intention test questioned prior to Toronto 18 terror verdict | Youth found guilty in Toronto terror trial despite RCMP mole’s entrapment role | Feds ordered to share evidence with defence in Harkat security case | American Intelligence Contractors Leak Canadian Toronto 18 ‘Terror Training’ Video to Web | Ottawa balks at travel permit for man trapped in Sudan | Prosecuters fail to secure airborne liquid bomb convictions, conspiracy charges stick | Troops in the Streets: Army Brigades Standing By to Assist in Disasters, Help Quell Dissent | Blackwater-linked firm to train Canadian troops | Canadian troops continue gearing up, to receive US counter-insurgency training | US Government Questioned on Forged Letter Linking Saddam to 9/11 | Crown can’t tie Khawaja to British bomb plot, lawyer argues | Pentagon Front Groups Release Laughable Olympics “Terror” Video | Prosecutors weigh options after hung jury in 7/7 UK terror trial | Bombs explode, Washington-based Intelcenter releases yet another terror video, China cracks down on transport security | Cheney Considered False Flag Operation to Justify War with Iran | Terrorism claims against Khawaja stunned his ex-fiancée | Terror suspect’s inflammatory personal EMails judged admissable | 3 men plead guilty to lesser charges in ‘liquid bomb’ airline plot | US scales up covert destabilization efforts in Iran, continues funding ‘al-Qaeda’ | Afghanistan suggests Pakistan responsible for embassy bombing | Informant ‘never discussed’ fertilizer bomb plot with accused in Ottawa ‘terror trial’ | Third Mole Surfacing in Toronto Terror Trial? | Crown turns on own witness in ‘terror’ trial | Report: U.S. Gave Green Light For Taliban Prison Attack | Trial of Canadian charged in UK fertilizer bomb plot gets underway | Third Mole Surfacing in Toronto Terror Trial? | RCMP informant says accused in militant plot was naive | Paid CSIS Informant Says Public Not Upset Enough about Toronto ‘Terror’ Plot | Latest Toronto 18 ‘Terror’ Wiretaps Confirm Youths Goaded by Reservist, Paid Police Informant | Toronto ‘Terrorists’ Agree on Decapitation Plot, Fail to Open Tuna Tin | Many Question if Toronto “Terrorists” Were Led by Informants as Case Weakens | Crown presents evidence in Toronto terror suspect trial | Terror case begins to emit ripe aroma | Purported bin Laden tape decries Israel’s anniversary | Homegrown intelligence gap | Australian ‘Terror Plot’ Case Bears Remarkable Similarities to ‘Toronto 18′ | Canada’s anti-terror law unconstitutional, defence says | Toronto’s Terrorism Case: For the Families, Fear and Bewilderment | CSIS informant admits cocaine, marijuana use during investigation | Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job | Declassified: Israel, USA Attempted Deliberate Sinking of USS Liberty During Mideast War | Terror trial proceedings troubling | New Bin Laden Video: 100% Forgery | FBI Informant in British terror trial given immunity, proceedings raise question of what MI5 knew about 2005 London bombings | Five guilty in UK bomb plot | Alleged Toronto terror plot included two police agents | Investigative Reporter Seymour Hersh: US Indirectly Funding Al-Qaeda Linked Sunni Groups in Move to Counter Iran | Alleged Toronto terror plot included two police agents | U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos | Terror accused refuses to discuss links to Pakistan secret service, family threatened | London terror plotter was ‘hardened’ in ISI camp | Fertiliser claim in terror trial | Canadians who trust our secret police should think again | Toronto Terrorist Ringleader Has Military Connections | Canadian ‘Terror Plot’ Begins To Unravel | Police arrest terrorist suspects in Toronto | Terror informant names plotters | Former British Ambassador Says Liquid Bomb Terror Alert Is “Propaganda” | British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror In Iraq? | George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider | British ‘Terror Suspects’ Were in Contact With MI5 | Eight held in British anti-terror raids | Swiss scientists 95% sure that Bin Laden recording was fake | US Allowed Taliban, Al-Qaeda Airlift Evacuation | Operation Northwoods Declassified: U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba | RCMP bombed oil site in ‘dirty tricks’ campaign

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