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Pakistan to indict suspects in Mumbai attacks

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Here’s the most important sentence in the article below: Lashkar is widely believed to have enjoyed the support of elements of Pakistan’s security agencies in the 1980s and 1990s because it was sending militants to fight Indian rule in Kashmir, which Pakistan also claims. This is the position also of the CFR, the New York Times, and the South Asian Intelligence Review, for starters. The one thing they won’t mention however is that the ISI (the Pakistani security agency in question) is little more than a franchise operation of the CIA, though they’ve had their public spats. The CIA maintains drone bases inside of Pakistan, according to reports in the London Times.

Isn’t it interesting – the USA created Al-Qaeda, flies them around, and continues to fund their proxy activities against Iran. Israel, too, supported Hamas’ ascendency in its bid to unseat the PLO. There’s news almost every month of Western intelligence agencies staging some bombing or other. Hell, Joe Biden met with Mahmoud Ahmed, the head of the ISI, the day before 9/11. Ahmed also met with Intelligence Committee chief Porter Goss and Bob Graham on Capitol Hill the morning of 9/11, and the FBI revealed that Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers, was wired 100,000 from Pakistan to Florida at the behest of the ISI. Witnesses in Florida reported hearing Atta in an argument with a co-conspirator, yelling about their need to answer to The Family, a global evangelical group with deep roots in Washington.

And now India, in the wake of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Mumbai bombings, has the equivalent of The Patriot Act and a newly centralized intelligence agency, just like America after 9/11. And the CIA, somehow, knew the Mumbai attacks were going down. See how this all works? When the justification for policy doesn’t exist, it is necessary to create it. Even if that means beginning a war. The perpetrators, the patsies that are used in these operations are always expendable.

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Asif Shahzad. Associated Press
September 18, 2009

A Pakistani court will indict seven suspects in the Mumbai attacks in the coming week, but India needs to provide evidence against the head of a banned Islamist group Pakistan is investigating in the plot, a top official said Saturday.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statements appeared designed largely to assure India that Pakistan is serious about bringing justice to the perpetrators of the November siege that killed 166 people and ratcheted up tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

“I want to tell India that we want to be your friend,” Mr. Malik told reporters in Islamabad.


Canada, at war, to urge peace for everyone else during Olympics

Friday, September 18th, 2009


CBC News
September 18, 2009

Next month, Canada will ask the United Nations to pass a resolution that calls for all countries to “promote the ideals of peace” during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The resolution will ask countries to adopt what’s known as the Olympic Truce, which calls on the world community to cease hostilities during the Games and promote the ideals of peace through sport.


Business as usual: SWAT team breaks down mayor’s door, shoots dogs, ransacks home, refuses to apologize

Friday, September 18th, 2009

When they kick in your front door, how you gonna come? – The Clash, Guns of Brixton

In both Canada and the US, a ‘pattern and practice of police abuse’ is indeed emerging, and is connected to the on going federalization of local police and their training in conducting increasingly military-style operations. What industry do you think a lot of those troops that have been busting down doors in Iraq and Afghanistan are applying to when they come back from their 5 or 6 tours of duty? This is one way to very effectively militarize a culture. And, this time, it’s happening internationally.

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Cheye M. Calvo, Washington Post
September 18, 2009

I remember thinking, as I kneeled at gunpoint with my hands bound on my living room floor, that there had been a terrible, terrible mistake.

An errant Prince George’s County SWAT team had just forced its way into our home, shot dead our two black Labradors, Payton and Chase, and started ransacking our belongings as part of what would become a four-hour ordeal.

The police found nothing, of course, to connect my family and me to a box of drugs that they had been tracking and had delivered to our front door. The community — of which I am mayor — rallied to our side. A FedEx driver and accomplice were arrested in a drug trafficking scheme. Ultimately, we were cleared of any wrongdoing, but not before the incident drew international outrage.

This was 14 months ago. We have since filed suit, and I am confident that we will find justice more quickly than most.

Yet, I remain captured by the broader implications of the incident. Namely, that my initial take was wrong: It was no accident but rather business as usual that brought the police to — and through — our front door.


Gordon Brown urges EU to back new economic order

Friday, September 18th, 2009

It’s pretty transparent that the new world order Brown keeps shilling for is being marketed to us as a way to ‘get the bankers’. This is a trick, since it will simply deliver economic power into the hands of a centralized clique of international bankers. The proper solution would be simply to prosecute and prohibit forms of fraud such as derivatives, which always cause the problem in the first place, like clockwork, at the behest of the aforementioned clique. It’s a confidence ploy, and if people buy this, then it’s goodbye Canada. With a loss of sovereignty and economic self determination on this scale, we will exist in name alone – a province of the global state.

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Ian Traynor, Patrick Wintour, The Guardian
September 18, 2009

France and Germany square off against US and UK on action needed to reduce financial risk-taking

Gordon Brown last night urged EU leaders to back an audacious plan for a new system of world economic government in which the G20 and IMF would be empowered to tell major economies how they should tailor their national policies to secure sustainable international growth.

Brown outlined his plan to EU leaders at a dinner in Brussels where an agreed strategy, including the governance of executive bonuses, was being hammered out ahead of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh next week.


Massachusets Says Forced Injections, Quarantines For Any “Rapidly Spreading Germ”

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Any signatory to the WHO guidelines for level 6 pandemic (currently in effect) agree in principle to the following provisions:

1.5 Legal and ethical issues | 1.5.1 Legal issues | Rationale – During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations).

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Paul Joseph Watson,
September 18, 2009

But legislation states that people who refuse to follow orders will be jailed

Health authorities in Massachusetts have indicated that they will impose quarantines and mandatory vaccinations in the event of the H1N1 virus mutating into a lethal germ, but that forcible injections are not on the agenda for the swine flu outbreak as it stands.

Concerns about mandatory vaccination programs have been growing worldwide over recent weeks as governments have failed to unequivocally state that the swine flu shot will be voluntary, while ordering enough batches to inoculate their entire population.

These fears have been heightened by warnings from whistle blowers that law enforcement and military officials have been running drills focused around quarantining people who refuse to take the vaccine.

Governments of some European countries, such as Greece, have announced that the H1N1 vaccine will be mandatory, while leaked internal French government documents outline a similar plan for a program of mass vaccination without exception.


Tens of thousands march in Iran

Friday, September 18th, 2009

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Nasser Karimi, Associated Press
September 18, 2009

Hard-liners attacked senior pro-reform leaders in the streets as tens of thousands marched in competing mass demonstrations by the opposition and government supporters. Opposition protesters, chanting “death to the dictator,” hurled stones and bricks in clashes with security forces firing tear gas.

The opposition held its first major street protests since mid-July, with marchers decked out in green — the reform movement’s colour — waving V-for-victory signs on major boulevards in the capital.

In some cases on several blocks away, larger crowds marched in government-sponsored rallies marking an annual anti-Israel commemoration, waving pictures of Iran’s supreme leader and president and placards denouncing the Jewish state.